How I Use Ctitch to Journal

I love to hike and explore the outdoors. I created Ctitch in part to make it easier to remember those adventures, along with all of the everyday occurrences that would otherwise be lost. I wanted a place to keep journal entries, notes, photos, and descriptions of trips taken. As my wife and I raise our two-year-old-child, there is now also an added incentive to writing everything down and trying as hard as we can to preserve those memories.

As I've developed Ctitch, I've tried hard to make using it as a journaling tool incredibly easy. This article explains some of the basics, but also shows some additional features that can help to paint a fuller picture around your journal entries.

The Basics

Every note entered into Ctitch is automatically saved based on the date that it was creating, so keeping a journal in Ctitch really is just as simple as clicking on the text tool icon and writing. Your entry is saved automatically as you type, so there is no need to remember to hit the save button, it's done for you!


Because I use Ctitch for a wide variety of tasks and projects, I keep my journal entries in a folder. To do this for yourself, just click on the 'Add Folder' button in the main navigation window, name your folder in the newly opened dialog, and click "ok" -- I named mine "Journal" for obvious reasons, but you can name it whatever you like.

You can also utilize hashtags to organize your folder entries, so you could end the text of your journal with a "#journal" hashtag. You can then use the search box in the lower right corner of your Ctitch window to search for that hashtag.


I often times write about daily happenings in my journal, and photos are a great way of remembering. Occasionally I'll just upload photos of my day, and use the commenting feature to basically write about everything that happened, using the photos as a starting point. You just have to mouseover the image to get the comment icon to appear in the bottom right corner of the photo.


I use badges quite a bit for recording days that I run or exercise, write, or eat well. I sometimes use badges as a reward. If I've made it through a particularly rough day, giving myself a star or a crown badge makes me feel a little better. To add a badge, you just have to click on the badge icon, and then select the badge you would like to add. Also note that you can only add a badge if you are on a "daily view" -- that is a page that you navigate to by clicking on the "today" link, or navigating there through the calendar.

Recently, I added additional functionality to the badges, which makes it possible to record even more information about activities. Because I run for exercise, and I like to see how much I run, it made sense to be able to bring in some of that information for easy reference later. After adding a badge, you can click on it, and provide data (just a simple number, like the number of miles run), and a short description. Both fields are optional, but Ctitch will record this information and provide a historical graph so you can see how you much of that activity you've been doing. Not only is adding a badge every time I run a great incentive to get me out the door, but providing my historical data has definitely helped me to stay active and keep improving.


The calendar view is a visual representation of your activity. If you have been uploading images, they will appear as the background for whichever day they were uploaded for. If you have been adding badges to remember daily activities, those will appear as well, along with a count of however many notes, bookmarks, or images you have added for each day. The calendar view is a great way to see what you've been up to. I sometimes use the calendar view to realize that I haven't been as active as I would like to be, which prompts me to get out and have more fun!

I love to remember my past experiences, and with Ctitch, its pretty easy and quick to add journal entries, photos, and badges to help me remember all of the good times in my life. If you're someone who enjoys journaling, give Ctitch a try, and as always, please let me know if you have any suggestions to make the journaling experience on Ctitch even better.


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