Is Ctitch a Springpad Alternative?

There once was a beloved productivity tool by the name of Springpad that allowed its users to save notes, bookmarks, quotes, lists, and other data types. It was a pretty ingenious idea, and pretty similar to what I have been working on with Ctitch, which allows you to save and organize notes, bookmarks, lists, and images.  Perhaps had I known of Springpad back in 2011 and 2012 when I first started working on Ctitch, I may not have needed to develop this tool, but ignorant as I sometimes am about what else is out there, I decided to start working on my own thing.

I have my own visions of where Ctitch should be headed, and the ultimate goal of Ctitch is quite different than where Springpad was headed. However, there is an opportunity to help those displaced by the loss of Springpad, especially since the current features of Ctitch are pretty closely aligned with where Springpad was, and perhaps it's easy enough to add additional functionality to create a tool for those who used Springpad.


How You Can Help Make Ctitch Like Springpad

There was a dedicated group of people who loved Springpad.  Unfortunately, I never used Springpad, so the features and functionality of the app that I know of are only through second-hand sources, mainly people who used the application, and from reading articles online.  I am however very open to adding functionality that people loved about Springpad, but you'll have to let me know what those are (I read all suggestions, contact me here) (I also like to talk with users via phone or skype -- if you want to tell me your thoughts "in person", let me know and we'll set something up).  How else can you help Ctitch grow and add the features that you want? -- tell as many people about Ctitch as you can.  The more users there are on Ctitch, the more drive there is to cater to them, and the easier it will be to grow the product.

Going Beyond Springpad

Of course Ctitch isn't Springpad.  Originally when my ideas for Ctitch began to coalesce, I wanted it not just to be a repository of interesting stuff, but in a way, a record of my life, and a way to plan my life better.

At it's foundation, I think Ctitch is less about note-taking and bookmarking, and more about a place where all of my stuff can live and interact, whatever it is.  It's a foundation -- the ability add folders, and the ability to have anything organized into days are the essential elements of this.  Once those organizational pieces are in place, we can add onto that any additional functionality needed.  We could even allow others to create tools on top of Ctitch that plug into Ctitch and extend the functionality in ways I never imagined.


Will Ctitch Cease to Exist Someday?

Springpad closed it's website in 2014, which is pretty incredible since the web app had a pretty loyal following and some funding, but great products cease to exist all of the time regardless of the quality or the number of devoted fans. It comes down to economics.  I feel that every time a beloved app out there closes, it just makes it that much harder for other websites to gain the same level of dedicated support from users.

Ctitch was a project for myself long before it was opened up for others, and I'm committed to always having Ctitch available.  I feel that a tool like Ctitch should exist online, and it's honestly something I plan on using for the rest of my life.

I think the risks of needing to close a product can be mitigated by its funding model and the desired rate of growth. Basically, accepting large sums of money without a foundation to support the investment and trying to grow too quickly can cause problems for a company. I hope to avoid some of these mistakes.

It's Your Data

I want to make sure that the data that people trust Ctitch to hold, is there when they need it, and that they can back up that data at any time (this is in progress!).  The challenge for something like Ctitch however, is that there is so much data, and so many types of data, that it's fairly difficult to find how best to create a format for all of it, especially when there is no other tool contains all of the various data types in one location.  Still, the goal is for users to be able to access there data whenever needed, whether it's through Ctitch or through some other medium.

A Community

It's my goal to create a community around Ctitch, to hopefully regain some of the loyal following that Springpad enjoyed and get the suggestions and input from those community members.  I think there is a great opportunity for creating what people loved about Springpad, but also extending that to what I hope Ctitch can become.





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