Same Note, Multiple Folders and Other Updates

There has been steady progress this past week on several fronts.  In addition to the usual bug-fixing, I added a long-overdue feature that I've been wanting to add for quite some time, and started trying to add some additional help items to make Ctitch easier to use and show what's possible:

Adding the Same Note or List to Multiple Folders

This has been on my personal wishlist for a while, and recently I've had several members mention that they would like the ability to create a note, but have it appear in multiple folders.  For instance, if I bookmark a recipe for black Shakshuka (which is a really tasty tomato and egg dish), it would be nice to have it appear in my "Vegetarian" folder, but also in my "LowCarb" folder.  Now you can do that, and it works for any post type, whether it's a note, a list, bookmark, image, etc...

To add a post to multiple folders, click on the "Edit Post Properties" link at the bottom of a post window (this only appears when you click on, or mouseover a post).  This will open a popup with properties for that post.  Look for the field titled "Additional Folders".  This is just a simple textbox where you can just type a comma-separated list of folders that you would like to add the post to.  In the example above, you would just enter "Vegetarian, LowCarb".  When you open either of those respective folders, the post will appear as a bookmark within the folder.

Note: This is an initial update for multiple folders functionality.  There will likely be additional updates to assist with entering folders, such as auto-completing existing folder names and other helpful features.

The new "Additional Folders" functionality circled in red below:


I've been playing around with having posts appear in multiple folders with my own projects, and it's apparent that it is long overdue. I have always kept my project-based to do lists with their relevant projects, but now I can also keep a folder that contains the lists for all of my various projects.  Now, I can have a place that contains all of my various lists and has everything I need to do, but I can also view each list isolated within its project, with the other project notes, images, and bookmarks -- very handy.


More Help Within Ctitch

There are numerous features within Ctitch, but documentation has been lacking.  I've started making a greater effort to document what's possible with Ctitch.  You'll notice some new help icons sprinkled throughout the site.  Clicking on any of these will bring up helpful information that may offer some keyboard shortcuts, a simple explanation about the feature, or just general tips.  For instance, on list posts, there is a help item that provides some information on navigating a list more efficiently by keyboard, as well as placing time estimates for list items.

Look for the little help icons, like the one circled in red below.  Since this help icon appears on a list post, the help information will be related to lists:




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