Show Your Accomplishments

I've noticed a trend. The more accomplished I feel, the more I accomplish. Because of this, it has always been a goal while developing Ctitch to display completed tasks in an easily viewable manner.

Shortly after the initial round of development of the list feature in Ctitch, I developed the functionality to simply list all completed items, organized by date of completion. It also made a lot of sense to add a graph, which plots the number of completed items each day. This visual representation makes it a breeze to see how well I've done over the past few weeks, and it encourages me to keep working hard to make sure that graph is plotting as many completed tasks as possible.


Showing Your History 

Viewing your list and graph of completed items is pretty simple. From any list, just click on the little calendar icon, which will bring up your completed tasks history. This will bring up a history of completed tasks compiled from all of your lists.





Adding Your Completed Tasks Graph To Your Daily Planner Pages

The more you see what you've accomplished, the more you'll be motivated to get more done.  In Ctitch, you can add your completed history graphs to the footer of your daily view pages.  To do this, click the 'Show History Graph on Footer' checkbox which appears on the window that appears after clicking the circled red icon above.  Once clicked, your completed task history graph will be visible on the footer of your daily view pages, like in the screenshot below:



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