Sorting Posts Within a Folder and Selecting Images for the Calendar

There were some important changes made to Ctitch this past week, and one of them feels like a pretty big deal; the ability to customize the order that posts appear within a folder.  I have also always loved having my photos that I upload to Ctitch appear on the calendar, but I haven't always been in love with the photo Ctitch chooses to use.  Now, I get to choose!

Sorting Posts Within a Folder

A central goal for Ctitch is to save information however it works best for you, but up until now, posts entered into folders appeared only in the order that they were entered.  That doesn't really work for those who are truly trying to organize content.

I recently launched an update which offers some control over how posts are organized within a folder.  In addition to sorting things based on the date entered (which was the only option previously, and is still the default sorting method), you can now also sort posts by title, and perhaps most importantly, posts can be custom ordered however you want them to be.

To change the sorting for a folder, just click on the "Sort Posts" button on the header of a folder.  This will open a dropdown which allows you to select the sorting style.

Custom Sorting
To sort posts in the order that you want them to appear, you will want the folder index visible, which you can enable by clicking on the "folder index" icon in the folder header (circled in red below).  Once the index is visible, you can drag the various post articles around to change their order, and if you have the "Sort Posts" sorting set to "Match Folder Index Sorting", the posts in your folder will appear in the same order that you set in the folder index.

The ability to sort posts feels like a pretty large step forward, and I have already started using it to get my folders organized exactly how I want them to be.



Changing a Calendar Cell Background Image

Images uploaded to Ctitch automatically get placed as cell backgrounds when viewing the calendar.  If there are multiple images present for a day, Ctitch will automatically choose the last one uploaded.  However, a recent update makes it possible to select whichever image you want.

To select a background image for a cell, go to the calendar and move the mouse over the day that has the image you would like to display.  When you mouseover the cell, a photo icon should appear (circled in red in the image to the right).  Clicking on this should bring up a popup window that will allow you to select the image to display.

There will hopefully be additional updates to cell backgrounds on the calendar soon (and actually quite a few updates to the calendar in general), including the ability to not show an image as a background cell if you don't want a cell to have a background image, the ability to color background cells, and some settings to control the default behavior, just in case you don't want your calendar to automatically populate with your photos.


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