Tracking Your Adventures

Who doesn't love a good adventure?  Whether your into biking, surfing, traveling, or kayaking, Ctitch is the perfect place to record your exploits.  My personal passion is hiking and wilderness backpacking and as Ctitch has become more robust with the ability to add photos, notes, mapping locations, and the ability to share publicly, I have used it more and more to keep those memories accessible and organized.  


Within Ctitch, I've created a folder to keep all of my adventures in one place.  Within that folder, I create sub-folders for each backpacking adventure which house collections of photos, journal entries, and sometimes, a little quote.  This folder I keep private -- it's just for me, but if I wanted to, I could make them public for others to view.  


Mapping It All

I still keep actually keep a separate blog to put my little adventures out there for others to see, but I have started supplementing the blog with a folder on Ctitch.  This allows me to bookmark my blog posts, add them to a map, so I can see all of the places that I have experienced, and I have this folder set to public, so anyone can view my map of adventures.

The Calendar

An additional benefit of keeping my adventures in Ctitch is that if open the Calendar view, my photos appear as background images on whatever day that image was taken.  This gives a pretty clear view of how active I've been and is great for just looking back in time and remembering all of the good times I've had.



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