Weekly Finds for Feb 19, 2016

Time can be difficult. It seems to flow fast when we don't want it to, and it can drag by when when we want it to go fast. I've always been fascinated by the experience of time, which is why I found this article about how we experience time so interesting. Perhaps someday I'll be able to design some strategies to hack time, or at least how we experience it, to combat that troubling feeling that time just goes by too fast.

I also discovered this nice article on which music to listen to for optimal productivity. Obviously what music you listen to affects your focus and your energy. Perhaps now I need to begin engineering my playlists to help me through the day. I need some high energy stuff during that post-lunch sleepiness.

On the topic of sounds and productivity. Sometimes I just need to hear the birds and the sounds of a gentle stream meandering through a meadow. It can be hard to find that while sitting in the office, but noisli lets you mix ambient background sounds (like birds, water, rain, coffee shop noise, etc...) to help you focus. It's a pretty nice looking site as well.

It seems that for some people, the enjoyment of just walking for the sake of walking (and thinking) is a pastime that is nearly nonexistent. It's easy in our busy, modern society with cars and an urban fabric that in many places makes it difficult, to forget that the simple act of walking is a great way to reduce stress, get exercise, and enable creativity. The BBC had a nice little article on the slow death of purposeless walking.

Links to these articles, and other interesting finds can be discovered on our collection of productity and lifestyle links, which we plan to add to fairly regularly.


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