What I've Learned By Keeping a Daily Schedule

I recently added a daily schedule to Ctitch, which is visible if you click the "Daily Schedule" tab on the right side of the ctitch window. It has been on the list for quite some time, since I've always wanted my schedule to live right alongside my to do lists, as well as any notes for the day. I've been using it often over the past several weeks, and there a few things I've noticed:


I Don't Stress as Much

I don't think I'm an overly stressed-out person, but if I do have a long list of tasks, it can feel a little overwhelming at times.  Drawing out my schedule, and clearly designating times to work on specific tasks does help with that.  I can sometimes feel like several tasks are all a priority, so I always have the question in the back of my mind of whether I should actually be working on something else.  By drawing my schedule at the beginning of the day, I relax a bit more, since I know I have allotted some time to work on those other tasks at some point during the day.

I'm More Realistic

Since I can visually see how long each task should take (or how long I think it should take) and plot out my day with these various tasks, there is less of a chance that I'll assign too many tasks to myself.  I can easily see if there is time left in the day to accomplish something else and do a better job of prioritizing those tasks that I definitely need to finish.

It's Still Flexible

I usually start the day by drawing out some or all of my schedule, but stuff happens and things take longer or shorter than I originally estimated.  I'm constantly updating the schedule as I work, which helps to keep me on track.It Helps Me Stay on Task
Blocking out my day helps me stay on the task I'm supposed to be working on.  If something needs some attention, I'll add in a block later and rearrange my other scheduled tasks to accommodate. After blocking out some time for it later, I can continue focusing on what I should be working on.

I Feel More Productive

I think overall I'm more productive by keeping a schedule, but I also feel more productive.  Looking back at a day that is nicely filled with real, prioritized work is encouraging and makes me feel good.  It's also nice browsing through previous days to see what I was working on and how well I was able to create my day.


Using the Schedule

After clicking on the "Daily Schedule" tab, on the right side of the Ctitch interface, you'll see a grid full of times appear.  To add a block of time, just click and drag.  A window will appear where you can add a note on what you're working on, adjust the times of the event, change the color, or add some tags to the event.





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