What I've Learned In the Past Week Using the Completed Tasks Graph

I'm a visual person, and I've found that finding ways to visually see my accomplishments helps me feel more accomplished and in turn, helps me to get more done. A little more than a week ago, I released the ability to add a graph which plots the total number of completed tasks for each of the past 30 days to the bottom of the Ctitch interface:

Completed Tasks Graph in Ctitch

For starters, I love having the graph visible, along with everything else I need for the day.  I feel like I'm in full command, since in one glance, I have my daily notes, todo list, bookmarks I've saved that day, and schedule, now, all along with a graph of completed tasks which proves I'm getting stuff done.


I wasn't totally sure how I'd feel about having this constant reminder of how much I've been getting done, but I've kept it visible for the past week, and so far I'm loving it, and I've learned a couple of things:

I really try to keep that graph high

It's a great feeling to look down at the graph and see that I've been consistently accomplishing a lot of tasks for the past few days. Seeing my successes for previous days makes me want to keep the trend going and do just as well for the my current day.

I more readily break tasks into smaller pieces

Since the graph tallys the number of completed tasks for each day, I try to make as many small tasks as possible so I can check off as many tasks as possible. Breaking things down into small pieces is a good practice in general, so I'm happy that having my completed tasks graph visible aids in this good practice.

I prioritize tasks that I can complete

I find that I'm trying trying to check off as much as I can, so I tend to go after the easy targets. This is probably good, but can see an issue where larger and more difficult tasks get neglected. Again, breaking tasks down as small as possible can help remedy this.

Adding your own completed tasks graph

Note: The completed tasks graph is currently only available in Chrome browsers.  If you would like to add your own graph of completed tasks to the bottom of your Ctitch interface, follow the directions at the bottom of the the blog post: Show Your Accomplishments.  It's pretty easy to turn on and off, and I think you'll find that it's a great help to feeling more accomplished and getting more done.


So far, I'm really loving the constant reminder to get things done. Sometimes it feels as though I work and work and never feel like I get anywhere. With the completed task graph, I at least see that I am making progress.


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