Keep your lists with everything else related to your projects.

There are a lot of list apps and websites out there. Only Ctitch lets you keep your lists with everything else you need for your projects, like notes, bookmarks, and photos.


Nested List Items

Create nested sections to easily organize your lists. Once a set of tasks has been nested, they can easily be hidden or shown to keep your lists streamlined and to help you focus on what's important. Nesting items within your todo list makes it easy to create sub-project lists, or to break a weekly todo list into separate days of the week.

You can create nested list items by hitting the tab key while within a list item. Hitting the shift and tab keys will un-nest a list item.

List Item Notes

It's generally helpful for the list item to be short and to the point, but many times there is a need to add a little extra information. With Ctitch, you can add a short note to go along with your list items, and then toggle the note on or off to keep your list short and succinct.

To add a note, just hit shift and the enter key when you are adding or editing a note. A small text box will appear below the list item where you can enter your note.

Color-Coded List Items

Utilize Ctitch's color-coded list items to set your priorities, highlight important items, or just to add a splash of color to your lists. In addition to nesting list items, color-coding your tasks can greatly help prioritize and organize your lists.

To add some color to your list items, just use your mouse to hover over the list item, where the additional features menu will appear. Then just click on one of the colored boxes to give your list item some color.

Time Estimations

Ctitch can total the time estimates you provide to help plan your projects and days more easily. List items that are nested below another list item will have any time estimations given added and displayed on the main list item. An entire tally of estimated time will appear at the bottom of the list.

It's easy to add time estimates to list items, just enter something like “30 minutes”, or “2 hours” to a list item. You can keep it even shorter, but typing “30mins” or “2hrs”.

Get satisfaction

It's always a boost to see a full list of items you have finished. With Ctitch, there are multiple ways to see what you've already accomplished. You can decide on each list whether your completed items stay visible with a line through them, or if they are hidden from view. You can also click the list item history button to see a full list of completed tasks, organized by date.

Use Your Keyboard

Navigating around a list is as easy as navigating around any document -- just use the keyboard. Easily create new list items by hitting enter, navigate using the arrow keys, indent with the tab key. There are a variety of keyboard shortcuts that makes working with your to do lists a breeze.