Keep your lists with everything else related to your projects.

There are a lot of list apps and websites out there. Only Ctitch lets you keep your lists with everything else you need for your projects, like notes, bookmarks, and photos.

See What You've Accomplished

We make it easy to see everything you've accomplished all in one place, displaying all of your completed tasks on one succinct list, organized by day.

Your Lists on the Go

Ctitch works great on phones, so you can access your lists, along with all of your notes, bookmarks, and images wherever you are.


Nested lists

Create nested sections to easily organize your lists.

Recurring tasks

Add items that recur on specific days of the week or month.

Add to today

Add items from any list to your current day's list with the click of a button.

Change your priorities

Click and drag your list items wherever you want them to be.

Get satisfaction

It's always a boost to see a full list of items you have finished. Ctitch allows you to see what you've accomplished with the click of a checkbox.

Easy editing

Just click on a list item and start typing to edit. Your changes are automatically saved.